Nikolai Aronoff, LMHC

Nikolai Aronoff, LMHC, provides therapy and counseling services.

Mr. Nikolai Aronoff holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, a certificate in Central Eurasian studies, and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Indiana University. Mr. Aronoff approaches therapy with a client centered focus and balance between process and solution focused interventions.  He is trained in EMDR trauma therapy and utilizes REBT and CBT methodology, positive psychology, along with classical types of meditation. These therapies are helpful for empowering clients seeking effective methods of self-stabilization and harmony. Mr. Aronoff has worked in community mental health, and also worked with a variety of diagnoses, most notably addictions.

Mr. Aronoff has a lifelong background in art, music, and creating writing. He has lived, studied, and taught in Europe and Southeast Asia. This background includes studying and living in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and temples. While there, he worked with orphans and education programs in South India. Additionally, he studied Buddhist philosophy, psychology and phenomenology in various monasteries in India, Europe, Canada, and the U.S.  He also has experience working with, mentoring, and tutoring children. After years abroad traveling and touring in musical arts based out of Los Angeles California, Mr. Aronoff returned to his hometown to focus on service work. 

Mr. Nikolai Aronoff enjoys working with a wide age range of adolescents through senior citizens,and strives for expanding cultural sensitivity. He has experience and competency working with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, and life skills development. He also does counseling for grief and loss, relationships/marriage, separation/divorce, addiction, and spiritual/religious/higher power practices and exploration.