Substance Use Treatment

Who do we see?

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We provide substance use treatment to clients with mild to moderate addiction issues, including teens and adults from all walks of life.

While we see a broad range of use issues, we have specialty areas for dual diagnosis (especially trauma) and for working professionals or students who are experiencing distress, or some negative results associated with their use.  

We recognize the importance of having a balance with your career or school demands, your relationships, your personal life, and your recovery. Professionals in high stress careers, such as attorneys, first responders, teachers, mental health clinicians, and professors may experience ongoing stress and pressure associated with their roles, which can add to feelings of burnout and overwhelm.

Mild to moderate symptoms

Our clients usually have mild to moderate issues with drinking or drug use. Most of our clients come once a week for an hour, but there are options for more than once a week, and group work. We also do not request or offer drugs screens, as our clients are usually not court-ordered to treatment.

Quote for substance use "Just because you are struggling, doesn't mean you are failing."

Our approach to Substance Use treatment:

Our therapists use a compassionate and integrated approach, designed to meet the needs of each client.  Substance use treatment may include the following: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • EMDR 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Relapse prevention education 
  • Substance use education 
  • Motivational enhancement therapy 
  • Integrated treatment of co-occurring disorders 
  • Ego State therapy
  • Polyvagal Informed treatment

All of our substance use clinicians have expertise in dual diagnosis. This includes EMDR training to quickly resolve core negative beliefs and trauma issues that are often the cause of addiction issues.

Referrals for Substance Use:

Our counselors may determine that prior to starting with us, or even after treatment has begun, that that you may need a higher level of care, such as a referral to detox, an inpatient treatment facility, or intensive outpatient program. If this is the case, we will work with you on getting connected with the appropriate place.