Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. We are in-network with Anthem plans, IU Health Plans (including IU Health Select, IU Health Premier), CareSource Marketplace and soon with Aetna. We do not accept Medicaid, HIP or Medicare.

Our most common copays are $20-$25 per session if your deductible has been met. If your deductible has not been met yet, sessions range from around $100-$144, depending on your insurance plan and whether your therapist is a master’s level clinician or a PhD. If you are not using your insurance, sessions are $150 per hour. Spencer Psychology does not offer a sliding fee scale.

Deductible: A deductible is the amount you pay for health care services out of your own pocket (medical, prescriptions or counseling). This is a flat amount you have to pay first before your insurance will help you. Each insurance plan has its own flat amount (usually on your insurance card).

For example: If your insurance deductible is $1500, you’ll pay the full $1500 to your providers or pharmacy before insurance covers any of the cost. After you have paid the first $1500, insurance will share the cost of your therapy with you. They will typically pay the larger portion, and you will pay either co-insurance or a copay.

What is Coinsurance? Each type of session has its own charge, (individual, family, play therapy, etc). This charge is determined by the insurance company. That is called the “allowed amount” and providers who are in-network agree to take this amount. Coinsurance is a percentage of that amount. For counseling sessions, its most commonly 20% of the allowed amount.

For example: The client has met the $1500 deductible. The therapy session cost, set by the insurance, is $100. If you have 20% coinsurance, you will pay $20 for that session and the insurance will pay $80. We will collect the co-insurance at the time of service and bill the rest to the insurance.

What is a Copay? A copay is a flat amount you pay for a session. For counseling, this is typically $20 to $25 for each session, but each plan is different.

Payment is due at the time of service, every time you see a clinician. If you do not pay or do not know what you owe, support staff will text you the amount and a payment link within 48 hours of the appointment. If you do not make timely payments, your services will be paused until you have paid your bill. If you are paused, we will require you to vault a credit card to reschedule, even if you pay off the previous balance.

Visit our client portal here.

  • It has a 2 factor authentication and will need the email you enrolled with, and the client’s date of birth. The portal will send a code to your cell phone to then access your statement.
  • Select to view either your Short statement or the Long statement
    • The short statement will only show you pending and owed charges on your account
    • The long statement will show you current and past charges on your account
  • Dates of your sessions will show on your bill once your clinician has written the note.
  • Recent sessions on your statement may be listed as “Pending” if we have submitted them to insurance, but insurance has not processed the claim yet. Estimated copays/deductibles are still owed on pending claims.

New clients should fill out the contact form here. We are not able to give new client appointments over the phone, as new clients are matched to clinicians from information on the contact form. This allows us to match you to a clinician with the expertise to address your particular concerns.

  • Most of our clinicians use the online scheduler. Your therapist will give you the password. You may then adjust your appointments as you wish here.
  • You may also email your clinician directly, or text if they use text-scheduling.
  • You may call the main office number at 812-333-8474.
  • You must cancel (voicemail or email are sufficient) at least 24 hours before your appointment time or you will be charged a $75 late cancelation fee.

Clients will be billed $75 per scheduled hour for any session canceled with less than 24 business hours’ notice (i.e. Monday appointments must be cancelled on Friday), or if you fail to show up for any scheduled appointment. If you show up more than 15 minutes late, we will not be able to see you. While we hate to have a cancellation policy, it is important to ensure that our therapists limited availability does not get wasted, as we have clients on our waiting lists who would use the time.

If you are contagious, or have transportation issues, you can convert your in-person session to a telehealth session. If your child has an appointment and cannot attend, you may use the time for a parent session instead (these are billed at different rates).

We use Zoom for Healthcare, a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Your telehealth link will be sent in your appointment confirmation to the email address you included in your enrollment. The link will be sent again 24 hours prior to the appointment in your reminder. (If you are in a group, your group leader will send you a special group link during enrollment. The group link will be the same each time).


Please review our philosophy around the treatment of children, and how we address privacy, access to information and safety concerns to be sure our approach will work for your parenting preferences.

If the therapist you are given is not a good match, please let us know immediately at admin@spencerpsychology.com, and we will rematch you.

Spencer Psychology has a licensure program for clinicians who are finishing their training, similar to a residency program for medical doctors. Our provisionally licensed clinicians have completed master’s degrees or PhDs, and hold a license, but are not independently licensed yet. They work under the supervision of senior staff.

Please email admin@spencerpsychology.com to reach our support staff with any changes or updates.

Please contact us at admin@spencerpsychology.com. Billing concerns will be routed to our office manager. Clinical or other concerns will be routed directly to Dr. Spencer.

This act protects you against surprise medical bills. Information on this act is included in the new client enrollment and is also available here.