Most people have insurance that will cover part of our fees for therapy services.  If we are in-network with your insurance, we will file claims for you. Most insurance plans require you to make a co-pay or deductible payment.  Payment is taken at the time of services.

In cases where your deductible status is not definite, you may be required to pay the deductible amount until a determination is made. You will be promptly refunded any credit balance due to you in the event you overpay.

You may also elect to self-pay if you do not have insurance, or prefer not to use it.*

If someone else is paying for your services (such as a parent), payment can be made online prior to your appointment on our Make a Payment page.

We are in-network with the following:

Commercial Insurance Plans

  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • IU Health Plans (including IU Health Medicare)
  • Medicare
  • SIHO
  • Encore
  • CareSource Marketplace

Healthy Indiana Plans (HIP)

  • MDWise HIP
  • CareSource HIP
  • Anthem HIP plans

Hoosier Healthwise

  • We do have some limited spaces with Dr. Graves for Hoosier Healthwise for children, adolescents and young adults with anxiety, depression, pregnancy, birth and parenting issues, and ADD/ADHD diagnoses. (Dr. Graves does not treat aggressive behavior disorders).

Medicare Plans

  • Medicare Federal
  • IU Health Plans Medicare
  • Anthem Medicare Advantage

*Note: If using insurance, that a diagnosis will be submitted in order to meet the insurance requirement for medical necessity. If you do not want to have a diagnosis submitted to insurance, you can opt to be self-pay.

We are not in-network with the following:

Medicare/Medicaid plans:We are unable to accept clients with Medicare/Medicaid combination plans.

Traditional Medicaid: We do not take Traditional Medicaid.

Secondary Insurance

  • If you have two policies, one will be primary and one will be secondary. We will file your claim for you with your primary only.
  • You may or may not be able to file secondary insurance yourself. You will need to talk to your secondary insurance coverage to determine this. We do not handle secondary claims.
  • In some cases, the primary will automatically send the claim on to your secondary insurance. If this happens and Spencer Psychology receives payment from your secondary, you are refunded this amount.
  • The copay or deductible amount for your primary will be due at the time of service.
  • We cannot take Medicare/Medicaid combination plans.
  • We are not able to take clients who have Medicaid as their secondary insurance.

Self-Pay Therapy

Fees are based on our contracts with insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare, so therefore will vary depending on your insurance plan. If you are not using insurance, or if we are out of network with your insurance, you can receive services as a self-pay client. Master’s level clinicians charge $125 per hour of therapy. PhD level clinicians charge $150 per hour of therapy.

No Shows/Late Cancellations

A 24 hour notice is required if you wish to cancel an appointment so that your therapist has time to reschedule your slot with another client. Automated appointment reminders are sent to you at 48 hours and again at 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you do not cancel within the required time frame, or if you fail to show for your appointment, a fee of $75 is charged.

Insurance does not cover the fee. You may be required to pay your fee before you may reschedule.

If failing to show or canceling becomes a pattern, your clinician may require a retainer in order to reserve a spot for you on her caseload. The retainer is refunded if you come, and your insurance is billed as usual.

Crisis Care/After Hours Services

If you have a crisis, we will of course help you. However, our practice is not designed for clients who frequently need crisis care, and we do not have clinicians on-call.

If you have been hospitalized in the past six months, or have issues with frequent suicidal thoughts or behaviors, or have active psychotic symptoms, please discuss this with the office manager during the assignment process so that we can determine if our practice is an appropriate match for your needs.

If you do need to be hospitalized, or if you need after hours crisis care, this is typically handled by phone by your therapist. Phone calls to coordinate care are not covered by insurance, and are subject to the case management/self-pay rates.

Case Management

If you request additional services outside of therapy sessions (such as letters, phone calls, or reports to outside parties), these services are not a benefit of your health insurance coverage and will be charged out of pocket. Master’s level clinicians charge $125 per hour of case management. PhD level clinicians charge $150 per hour of case management. Routine coordination, such as updates to your family doctor, are not charged.

Court Services

Spencer Psychology does not provide general court services, such as custody evaluations or fitness for duty assessments. However, if you are a regular therapy client and become involved in a court matter during the course of treatment, your attorney may decide to subpoena your therapist. In this case, court services are billed at $175 per hour for all clinicians. This includes writing reports, preparation time for hearings, meeting with the attorney, waiting time at court and testimony.

If the hearing is outside of Monroe County, travel time is also billed at $175 per hour. If there is more than one party to the court hearing/trial, the court fees will be paid by whichever party has sent the subpoena. A retainer for the full estimated amount is required at least one week prior to any court appearance. An itemized statement will be provided after the service has been completed, and any underestimate of the fee will then be charged. If the retainer has overestimated the time needed, a refund will be issued.

Additional information will be provided to the client if court services are requested, so that the client can coordinate with the attorney about whether the testimony would be useful.

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