Online Counseling

We use Zoom’s HIPAA compliant business platform for our online counseling.  Your therapist will send you a meeting invitation to your email or cell phone. You just click on the link, and your therapist will be on the other end, ready to see you as usual.

We offered online counseling services well before the pandemic. It is not a “lesser” modality than our in-person sessions, just a different modality. We have many clients who prefer it for privacy and convenience.

Does it work as well as in-person sessions?  Yes. Online counseling has been available for years. Multiple studies over these years have found that in broad use, it is just as effective as in-person sessions in terms of symptom reduction and client satisfaction.  Some studies have found online counseling can even be superior for some age groups and diagnoses.

Advantages of Online Counseling

During COVID, online counseling was a way to safely access services. However, online counseling has advantages during normal times too. Many of our clients do a combination of online counseling and in-person sessions, depending on their schedules, childcare and transportation for a particular day.

  • Clients with certain diagnoses like PTSD and anxiety disorders who are uncomfortable in waiting rooms can do online counseling without the discomfort of groups of people.
  • Many clients find it easier to disclose difficult topics through online counseling than in person.
  • You can remain with your therapist when you move or graduate. Some clients see their therapist as a long-term support, checking in for episodes of treatment as they transition through life. (Being able to maintain that relationship over time is our personal favorite).
  • Military members, clients with security clearances, and clients who are public figures such as teachers, judges, or other elected officials can much more easily protect their privacy by doing online counseling from their homes or offices.
  • If you live in a rural area, or have a long drive, we can see you without the commute.
  • Clients with mobility issues can use online counseling from their homes.
  • More clients living outside the Bloomington area are able to access our specialty services if there are no providers are in their area.
  • Students who don’t have cars on campus can be seen without having to take the bus or finding a ride.
  • You won’t have as much missed work time, with clients often being able to do a full session over a lunch hour. (This can make a difference if you work on campus and have to find parking again when you return).

Will my insurance cover it? Yes. Insurance companies pay for online counseling sessions the same as in-person.

How do I start?

Simply fill out our contact form here Our support staff will then contact you through our texting app (or by phone if you prefer) to schedule an appointment.

How do I use it?

  • Just click on the link in your email. You will see the below screen. Just click “Open Link” and your therapist will be on the other end/
  • Your clinician will be waiting once you have joined. If your video and audio are on, you will now be able to see and hear your therapist. If you see a black screen with only your therapist’s name, your video is off. Go to the bottom and you will see a little camera with a red line through it. Click on that and the camera will turn on.
  • If you can’t hear, click on “Unmute” at the bottom where there is an icon of a microphone.
  • Keep your cell phone nearby for a backup, in case there are technical difficulties.  Your therapist will then call you.

How do I pay for my sessions? There is a payment link on our website.  Payment is expected same day of service. If you don’t know what you owe, we will send you a text message after 48 hours with the amount due.

What if I need some tech help? We have you covered. Getting started is usually pretty seamless and takes less than five minutes. If you hit a snag, you can email us at and request one of us to call you to walk you through the set up.

We can also do a quick test meeting for you to be sure it’s all working prior to your appointment. That way you will be ready to go when your appointment starts.