Coronavirus Precautions

We encourage all clients to take advantage of our online counseling services. For those who need an in-person session, some of our clinicians are offering some limited spaces. Here are our precautions to protect our clients, our staff and our mutual families.

  • Walking sessions are available from many clinicians (on the B-line, Cascades trail, Karst and other locations around Bloomington).
  • Outdoor sessions are available at our picnic table under the canopy, and the table is sanitized after each use.
  • Our waiting room has been closed. Clients can use our mobile check-in site to alert their clinicians of their arrival, and the clinicians will wave clients in at the front door when the appointment has started.
  • Most of our clinicians are online only, and working from home to limit the numbers of people in the office. For those in-person, we schedule appointments at staggered intervals.
  • Therapy rooms are set up with appropriate physical distancing. 
  • Masks or face shields are required for both clients and staff. If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided for you.
  • All in-person staff check their temperatures upon arrival. Anyone with a fever immediately returns home.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building, and everyone uses it upon arrival or washes their hands.
  • We use mobile payment sites, Google Pay, Apple Pay and hands-free processing for credit cards. Ongoing clients can also vault a credit card.
  • All of our paperwork and all releases are digital, and available through links, so no paperwork has to exchange hands.
  • Our receptionist works behind a large sneeze guard.
  • Gloves are worn by staff when handling trash or deep cleaning.
  • Public bathrooms are closed to avoid contamination.
  • We are following the state/local mandate regarding number of individuals allowed within the building.

Here are the precautions we ask our in-person clients to take before visiting us in-person:

  • We use a touchless temperature gun to check your temperature upon arrival. If it is over 100, or if you have other symptoms of the coronavirus, we will ask you to return to your home or car, and we can do your appointment through our online telehealth service.
  • Please wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you enter the building.
  • We are requiring both staff and clients to wear masks or face shields (Cloth or homemade ones are fine).
  • We ask that you not shake hands, hug or touch your clinician. They will do the same. 
  • If your child is the client, you will need to make sure that your child follows all of these sanitation and distancing protocols.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot allow children in the building who are not clients (i.e. a sibling, or if you have brought a child with you due to no childcare or school). This is both for contagion reasons, but also due to limits of numbers of people allowed in the building at the same time. Since our waiting room will be closed for the duration of the Covid event, we will not be able to have parents or siblings in the waiting room. 
  • Please let us know if you have a job that exposes you to other people who are infected, or if you are using  public transportation or ride share services, or have other responsibilities or activities put you in close contact with others (beyond your family). 
  • If a resident in your home tests positive for the infection, please notify us immediately so that we can convert your session to online for your quarantine period.