What is it?  We provide evaluations for children and adults for ADD/ADHD, educational and academic issues, and Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments . We also do kindergarten readiness testing. These are individualized according to your needs . They may include interviews, rating scales, formal educational testing, collateral data when available (such as reviewing previous medical, school or counseling records, and if appropriate, observations at your child’s school or daycare.) The evaluations generate a detailed report, including history, diagnoses, conceptualization of the problem (s) and recommendations.

What are they used for? Educational assessments are frequently requested by the school or university to identify strengths and weaknesses in academic functioning, and to determine appropriate interventions, special education eligibility or to make recommendations for academic accommodations. Autism spectrum and ADHD/ADD testing may be requested by a parent or the client, a doctor, psychiatrist, school or therapist to clarify diagnosis and treatment needs.

When is it not appropriate?  Spencer Psychology does not do evaluations for court purposes. If you have a court case, a child protection case, custody issue, or have been referred by your attorney, these are forensic psychological evaluations, and not part of the services offered.

Fees: Fees vary depending on the evaluation you are requesting. More information is available on the Services page about each type.

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