Psychological Evaluations


Psychological Evaluations

What is it? These are evaluations for clients who have complex symptoms. They include interviews, rating scales, formal psychological testing and collateral data (such as reviewing previous medical or counseling records, talking with your other providers, teachers or family members, observations at your child’s school or daycare, etc.) They generate a larger report, including history, diagnoses, conceptualization of the problem (s) and treatment recommendations. Dr. Spencer and typically one of the master’s level clinicians do these as a team. Dr. Spencer completes all formal psychological testing.

What are they used for? These are frequently requested by your doctor, psychiatrist or therapist to clarify diagnosis for psychologically complex children or adolescents. Parents or juvenile probation officers may also request a psychological evaluation to help determine the cause problem behaviors or worrying symptoms.

How long will it take? Generally two or three hours of interviewing, and one to two hours testing is required. Data collection from collateral sources varies widely, depending on how much there is to review and how many people the evaluators will need to talk with.  Reports are typically ready in a week to ten days following your last appointment.

When is it not appropriate?  Spencer Psychology does not do evaluations for court purposes. If you have a court case, a child protection case, custody issue, or have been referred by your attorney, these are forensic psychological evaluations, and not part of the services offered. Children who have already been processed through the court system and placed on probation can be assessed, as they have already been adjudicated.

Fee: The fee varies by insurance plan, your copay and deductible status, and can range anywhere from $500-$1000. Please call the office for an estimate based on your insurance and your needs.

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