ADD/ADHD Evaluations

Spencer Psychology offers ADD and ADHD evaluations within an educational framework.

Academic Accommodations

Academic institutions are required by law to provide accommodations to students who can demonstrate that a diagnosis impairs their learning. 

IU Requirements

Our evaluations meet the documentation and testing criteria of The Office of Disability Services at Indiana University, and all other major academic institutions in Indiana, for  Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without Hyperactivity).

Evaluations Include

  • Interview and history
  • Intelligence or aptitude testing
  • Achievement testing
  • Memory and attention testing
  • Executive functioning assessment (problem solving methods, frustration levels, restlessness, and distractibility)
  • A clear diagnosis
  • Recommendations for academic accommodations
  • A medication referral if needed can be discussed
  • A formal written report
  • Completion of paperwork for university disability offices


Cognitive testing batteries are used to determine these diagnoses. Cognitive and educational testing do not meet the “medical necessity” requirement for health insurance coverage.  All fees are out of pocket.

  • College Students: The full battery for testing, interview and report for college students is $1150.
  • Children: We currently are not offering this evaluation to children.
  • Retainer: A retainer for the full amount is required before scheduling.

ADD/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment

We also offer a diagnostic assessment, designed to confirm whether ADD/ADHD is present. This assessment is primarily requested for medication needs or to answer questions about whether treatment would be useful. (It is not intended to provide the required documentation for schools or colleges for accommodation requests. You will need the Accommodations evaluation for that purpose).


Our ADHD/ADD diagnostic assessment is $600. It includes interview and history, testing for executive function, memory and attention, and a report you can take back to your psychiatrist or doctor for medication requests or therapy.


Dr. Misha Graves

Our evaluator is Dr. Misha Graves, a school psychologist who specializes in both ADD/ADHD testing and Learning Disability testing.

More Information/Scheduling

If you would like more information or to schedule an evaluation, please fill out this form and indicate that you are interested in ADD or ADHD evaluation.

You can also call or email us for more information.